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Kuća hrane, vina i umjetnosti

The island of Rab

The island of Rab along with the nearby islets forms the Rab archipelago and is situated in the region of Kvarner and enjoys a favorable position for development of tourism both domestic and international. The island lies in direction northwest-southeast, parallel to the coast of Podvelebit riviera. Rab, the island and the city of wondrous scenic diversity, beautiful beaches, with cultural tradition harkening to pre roman times glimpsed in silhouettes of the four bell towers, the city of rich historical heritage transformed into a unique experience, of long and calming walkways and 120 years of tradition of organized tourism, hospitality, kindness and hard work of the island folk. Bountiful sea, abundance of medicinal herbs, fertile fields, vineyards, olive orchards and people above everything, the islanders of Rab, which geniunely welcome each guest with the open arms and receive him as an old friend, make this island a modern destination throughout the year, a distinctive “trendy” Mediterranean destination!